Monday, March 10, 2008

Why communism is incompatible with Sanatana Dharma ?

Why communism is incompatible with Hinduism ?
As a small boy, when I started reading newspapers, I was struck by the force and hatred of the communist leaders when they wrote about Sanatana Dharma (read Hinduism) and its practices. During college years, when I stopped to listen the road corner meetings, I started to realize that this is a definite pattern. The young person I was, I was trying to figure out why these speakers, almost all of them Hindus, were spewing such venom on my Dharma.

Not till I wrote my blog post on Truth , I realized the truth behind communism and their hatred. Now, let me share my perception of the 'How' and 'why' of their hatred.

The distilled wisdom of the Upanishads, Shastras and the Gita is that, this world, as we see it, is transient and really has no existence. I am now repeating some of what I wrote in my earlier blog for clarity. (between the lines )
In Bhagavad Gita , Sri Krishna says, (2nd chapter ,16th sloka)

nAsato vidyate bhAvo , nAbhAvo vidyate sata: |
ubhayorapi drushtontas tvanayos tattvadarshibhi: ||

"That which is untrue has no existence. The truth has no non existence. The conclusion about these two has been visualized by the knowers of truth."

Now, view the statement about truth vis a vis the above sloka. It says That the untruth has no existence! The material objects belong to the prakruti or nature. The nature is an ever changing entity. The human body and it five sheaths is also a part of nature and it is subject to birth and death.

In fact the changes in the body is so fast and persistent that it changes by the second, nay even millisecond so much so that the body you saw before closing your eyes is not the same when you opened your eyes. If you observe closely, you will realize that the body was not there when one was not born nor it will remain when one dies. The body travels from non existence to non existence. And ,the untruth has no existence. What else can one call the body and its extension , the nature ,except as an untruth ? All the theisms calling the body and this world real are untrue!

Now , let us analyze the fundamentals of the communist doctrine. Communism is founded on the premise that ALL HUMANS are created EQUAL and it is one man's wickedness which is suppressing others. Communism also declares that the material world is true and pooh poohs all claims on the soul.

You would now know what the Sanatana Dharmic concept on the above is. According to my Dharma, every creation is unique. There is no similarity or EQUALITY either. Each organism, whether a worm, or a bird, or a man, is born according to eternal laws of karma based fully on the previous embodied birth of its self or soul or spirit.

I think this conclusion in our scriptures of 'NO EQUALITY " is bothering the comrades and they , for this very reason, are making fun of our scriptures and our saints. This statement is the one that shakes their very foundation. But these ignoramuses are forgetting the fact that communism is just an economic concept with no real grasp over life, creation or the creator. They simply focussed on material which is a transient entity which travels from non existence to non existence.

And these men based their doctrine on such a shallow concept (not even a philosophy). It made man an automaton and taught that a scientist is equal to a sweeper and the Wrestler is equal to the frail. And, horror of horrors, it justified emptying one pocket to fill another.

They could not explain why different children born to the same mother were unlike each other and did not fare equally in life. For them the material, the eternal untruth, was the truth. This is the reason why communism was chased out of Europe. According to even a modest estimate, nearly 4 million people lost their lives directly during communist rule in Europe and Russia. China is till limping with communism because they compromised on 90 % of their values !

Sanatana Dharma really does not need these foolish concepts since we had an advanced society based on Dharma and referenced by the Shastras.

But why Communism is soft on Christianity ?

On the other hand, one also wonders why the communists are soft on Christianity and even bends over backwards to accommodate it. The reason is Christianity of today shares some of Communist ideals. They both deny the supremacy of the soul over body, and believe existence is supreme. After all, Communism is the brainchild of Christians only !

In the north east states of India, where Christianity was allowed unlimited access to evangelize an innocent tribe population, it was the communists who were the beneficiaries by capturing the assembly seats. The collusion continues to this day. When Ramakrishna Math wanted to start schools in those states, they found that all the existing schools taught only upto 5 th standard to deliberately keep the population undereducated. Such is the typical Communist- Christian fears on Knowledge! If the knowledge empowered the converts, then these colluders will have nowhere to go!

Kerala is also a classic example where the communists and Christians are made for each other.

Now, you realize why the senile communist comrades hit out at all Hindu groups and Saints ? The growth of Sanatana Dharma is their death. Once the knowledge of the indestructibility and Eternality of the embodied Self reaches the common man, he will know that the purpose of life is Self realization and not self denial and self oblivion. At that point, the rout of the communism will be complete. The average communist will rue another precious birth wasted by his useless doctrine. (Gita study group)


Jai said...

Firstly, Communists of all shades are atheists who don't believe in God.

Therefore, India Being a Secular Country should also Explicitly declare a Category of Commun-ism And ask people to register in the same way as they do with other religions.

Communist parties must be strictly disallowed from entering Temples and Temple Issues.

Either They are Political and must talk about Political issues. OR they must declare themselves Non-Religious/AntiReligious And Keep off from Religion Related matters.

V.S. Krishnan said...

Sanatana Dharma is the universal philosophy that seeks truth which is eternal, beyond time, region or space whereas Communism is a mere local concept, based on pure materialism. Therefore, the very comparison is wrong because comparison is generally made on two equally powerful doctrines.

Communism has long ceased to be of any value. It has been discarded by its own mother, the Russia while Chinese just keep the form throwing the contents into dustbins.

The only people who try to give life to Communism are the people of Kerala who wants everyone to be treated equally so that everyone would get a pay for not working.

While Sanatana Dharma would survive and prosper on its own strength, poor communism is dying a natural death because of its own internal contradictions.

So, let us know worry about a non-entity, a non-power, a non-issue and follow the righteous path of Sanatana Dharma shown to us by scriptures and saints.

V.S. Krishnan

senthil said...

Good post venkat..

Another point i observed was that when we see the history of communism, we see only autocracy.. some one like karl-marx declared "All humans are equal".. so it led to another autocratic powers like stalin, khmer, mao, to force equality.. Its nothing different from christian slavery or the eurpopean noble-slaves..

The european feudals suppressed majority people, while the communists suppressed everyone..

IF we see the casualities, we can very well conclude, that european feudal system was far better than communism.. around 4 crore people in russia and 7 crore people in china were killed by communists..

And coming to Hinduism, i should say, it was the best social society.. if we see any big temples, around 1000's of acres belonged to the temple, and the produce was shared to all equally.. no one owned the land, and yet, everyone benefitted from the temple lands..
This is the main reason, why there was no beggars, until britishers upsurped temple lands...

In short, we can say "Communism is Barbarism"

Anonymous said...

Communism is an antithesis to developement. All countries of the world that has tried to experience with the so called ideals of communism are lagging behind the free enterprise system.

It's only pig headed bastards that get influenced by communism whether it be in India or outside India. There is nothing that I hate more than communism

saqib sahi said...

I wonder what you have got to say about 'CAPITALISM AND HINDUISM'.Thanks

Venkatasubramanian said...


The said post was written many years back and in the meantime, I have read new and fresh material that establish other truths about communism.

First, the mistake that the ideologues of the world did was to equate communism with political or economic ideology. That was the single colossal mistake they did. The reality is that communism is a de facto religion. It is clearly established on all the key support criterion of religions such as Christianity and Islam. Just as Islam and Christianity served people only politically,Communism did the same and , in fact, doing the same.

Marx, the founding father of communism, was also its first non follower. He had a illegitimate son through his slave maid and till last never recognised him. It is on record that he abused and beat up his slave maid. Good communist.