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Swamy Ramsukhdas- Rishi Extraordinary

Swamy Ramsukhdas- The great Gita Exponent

In my mid thirties, I started my exciting spiritual journey through a copy of Bhagavdad Gita published by ‘Gita Press’,(in Tamil, called Tattva Vivechani) which cost me Rs 50 in 2000. The original was written by Poojya Jayadayal Goendka.

The commentary was so beautiful, I continued to read it one sloka a day, memorizing it and contemplating on that sloka’s purport. This is called ‘Parayana’ in Sanskrit. I did two full rounds with this commentary (which means 700 slokas read in two rounds) and it took me almost six years. Even though I had two other commentaries of Gita by Swamy Chidbhavananda and Srila Prabhupada, I used ‘Tattva Vivechani exclusively.

It was in 2006 that I chanced upon another commentary of Bhagavad Gita in a book fair at the Gita Press book stall. It was called ‘Sadhak Sanjeevani’ by Swamy Ramsukhdas. This was in two big volumes. For my third round of parayana, I started using this.

Swamy Ramsukhdas surprised me with his handling of each sloka. Slowly it was dawning on my not so quick mind that I was studying the words of one of the greatest saints of this century. The commentary was extraordinary and so was the Tamil translation.

As I entered the second chapter, the explanations simply amazed me. Swamiji’s words hit me with such force, I was awe-struck and was eagerly awaiting the next sloka. Now I am in the sixth Adhyaya (chapter) called Dhyana Yoga (or Atma Samyama Yoga) and enjoying each step.

What I am realizing now is that Swamy is no ordinary word to word commentator with linguistic or literary brilliance. He was a realized master who lived the Gita and he was giving his own experiences in words. For example his explanation on ‘kriya, karma and karma yoga’ is unique and to be found nowhere.

About a year back I wanted to meet him and surrender to him . I enquired at ‘Gita Press’ at Gorakhpur through phone. What they told me was shattering! Swamiji had attained Samadhi in Rishikesh in 2004. I asked if they had a photo of him. The answer was another surprise. Poojya Ramsukhdas ji never allowed himself to be photographed in his life span of 103 years !

Gita Press , I heard always was operating under the sage advices of Poojya Swamiji. Gita Press is, in my opinion, a sterling example of how dedicated work by a few Hindus can effect a change in the whole society. They have always produced great books, neatly printed and given to the public at subsidised prices. They print in many languages of India, and have established branches all over India. As Hindus, we should make it a habit to patronize this holy institution.

Our Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) has seen many great saints and masters in its glorious history. Swamy Ramsukhdas ji is undoubtedly among them. Together with his spiritual depth, he knew the problems faced by Bharat. He was a very vocal advocate of Hindu unity.

He condemned abortions and contraception terming them acts against nature. He experienced agonizing pains on hearing cow slaughter. Swamiji reminded his countrymen that here is the only race sworn to protect the cows, and in our very midst, cows are feasted by people of other religions !

Swamy was so concerned about the dwindling Hindu population. He has warned that if Dharma should stand in the world, Hindus must maintain a significant population.

Swamiji continues to be the inspiration behind my spiritual activities on the ground and on the net. I request my brethren all over the world to study the word of a great , great Rishi of our times.

Jai Bharat, Jai Sanatana Dharma !



Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

I fully endorse your views on Swamy Ramsukhdas and Gita Press.

TK Varadhan

Anonymous said...

Truly said... Such great souls are the generation reformers.

sheelz said...

truly said about swami ramsukhdasji his all the books are a must to be read by spiritual seekers. he has elaborated about his life in a book " ek sant ki vasiyat". he never made any shishya and never ever liked to be photographed. he was far away from the popularity and last but not the least....he has told what he actually lived with for whole of life.

such great souls...OM SHANTI

Anonymous said...

I am very much delighted by reading your blog on Swamy Ramsukhdas and thank you so much for sharing with us.

I wrote an article on the significance of Namaste and Tilak in and I request you to pass your comments on it.

You please join the blog and share your thoughts and experiences for which we will be greatful to you.

With warm regards.
Ram Adivi
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seetharam said...

Dear Sir,

I am delighted to read about Swami Ramsukhdasji. Not many people in the south know about Swamiji.

There is another short book of Swamiji, which I have in Malayalam translation, (i don't remember the name) which can be compared to Sri Ramana Maharshi's Who Am I, not in content, but for its benefit to a Sadhaka.


Anonymous said...

respected sir,
by mere mentioning the name of swami ji ramsukhdas ji maharaj you have made your blog immortal.
i wish if you could continue the the preachings of swami ji

a disciple of GITA

Niteesh said...

Dear blogger friends, I hit this blog today by accident and felt myself that there are some friends who also have similar feelings about Swamiji and his alaukik "Sadhak Sanjeevani". I started going through this book few yrs ago and I am not done yet. But, at this moment, I can only say that to understand GITA which is "Bhagvaan ShriKrishna-Arjun Samvaad ; Brahma Vidha ; Yog Shastras ; Essense of all the Upanshishads" one should definitely give a try. It may take some time but you would definitely appreciate that investment as it helps in taking you to achieve the same which Bhagvaan Shri Krishna says "Yam labdhva chaparam laabham manyate nadhikam tatah (6-22)" (i.e. Nothing is more more superior that this achievment.). Swamiji has tried to take the reader (i.e. Sadhak)to understand GITA in the same sense as Bhagvaan Shri Krishna tried to teach Arjun. He does not put his own teachings or his own way of life. He has tried to explain the GITA as it means. He goes through each word, its true meaning by going through sanskrit grammar rules and its position, its association with other words. Similarily, he goes through each shloka by looking into its position with respect to the context of the dialogue and its meaning from various paths like KarmYoga, GyanYoga and BhaktiYoga.

Niteesh Dubey

Anonymous said...

There is a crisp article about Swamiji here

Anonymous said...

I am really moved by the way Swamiji has explained the slokas in Sadhaka Sanjivani. Tatvavivechani and sadhaka sanjivani is a must for serious sadhana. Saibaba's discourses on Gita(Babavin geethai peruraigal in Tamil) is also a good companion

A Gita Disciple

Manvendra said...

Never allowed Himself to be photographed! Never
allowed any one to touch His pious Feet ! Never allowed anyone to
take the dust which touched His feet! Never allowed anyone to dance
or clap ! Never propogated His virtues! Never touched money! Never
made disciples! Never proclaimed Himself to be "Bhagwaan" !
Never "desired" anything from anybody ! Never "collected"
donations/subscriptions/charities from any one. Never left anything
behind which can be called as "Memorial" of His Great Self- except
His words- written and spoken ! Never touched a female !
Never "wrote" in a magazine which has "commerce" as its motive!
Never allowed "Kalyaan" magazine to publish "advertisements" inspite
of being a household magazine in India and inspite of being in
circulation for more than 75 years, when He merged into the Brahma !
Never allowed any praise/ Jaijaikar of Himself !

He never opened any Maths/ Gurukuls/ Paathshalas/ Ashrams/
Institutions /Yoga classes/ Schools or Universities! He never
desired or required any "special or decorative chairs" for His Great
Self. He never allowed any charity boxes to be put outside of His
discourse "paandals". He requested ladies not to raise even their
hands while keertans etc were being made. He never called or
attributed "isms" to any of His principles/ thoughts or original
ideas ! His photos will never be present in this universe ! His
words will never be absent in this universe ! He took extra
ordinary "vows" like - I will never demand/expect anything from
anybody, or like - I will never touch money/female , or like_ Let
there be no memorial or remembering place for me forever etc etc !!

He had reasons! He had logic! He had Scriptures to support Him. More
than enough reasons ! He was real GURU but always a Disciple.

Niteesh said...

Manavendra ji, Thanks a lot for refreshing me about a true saint.

Sohan Sangwan said...

Thanks for yor nice blog.
He was a true saint. I was blessed by God many times for attending his satasang in Gita Bhawan, Rishikesh.

sonu said...

In my view, He is one of the rarest saints, who salvaged the depths of Knowledge-Sea bringing invaluable gems for sadhaks.

Rashmi said...

I feel so blessed to find so many people who admire Him. I even had his darshan when i was very small, heard his pravachans, but now i realize its value, when I am reading his words. I request all of you to join his communities on Orkut and facebook and share more thoughts about him, his works, etc for the benefit of me and others.

Rashmi said...

I am also providing few links for swamiji lovers, which I recently discovered through my google searches online and through the grace of God -

Swamiji website (a bank of his books and lectures)-

Swamiji blog -

Orkut community on swamiji -

Facebook group -!/pages/Swami-Ramsukhdasji/131344318720

rmbhargava said...

The Bhagwat Gita was difficult to grasp and I started appreciating and put into practice after I started reading Sadhak Sanjeevni.

Jai Gurudev

Human said...

Swami ji did such a great work for the peace,humanity,spritualism and that too without any desire/demand for himself.He gave the message of humanity and kindness to everyone with his works.His holy and unconditional services to the human beings show his greatness,kindness.He has elaborated God's words in a great manner and we are very fortunate that even after him his books are showing the path of spritualism.

Chhotu said...

Dear sir,swami ramsukhdasji maharaj was rarest saint between modern saints.he was jewel among contemporary sadhus and mahatmas.I met him in swargashram rishikesh in the year 2001.he was truely a DEVPURUSH.

himanshu pal said...

no word can explain swamiji...........

Sadhak Das said...

Shree Hari
Thank you for sharing for the benefit of the world.

For those who do not know - 15 years of Swami Ramsukhdasji's lectures (Hindi) and books in many languages are online - FREE

Also for ENGLISH please visit English Website
Ram Ram

Sadhak Das said...

Shree Hari
Thank you !
eBooks in all Indian Languages are at:

Also 15 years of lectures by Swami Ramsukhdasji in Hindi are at:

Ram Ram