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The Rubbishness of Indian History as taught in Indian schools

The Rubbishness of Indian History as taught in Indian schools
As a boy, I grew up in the government schools that taught standard curricula for everyone. In my fifth standard, I first studied the History of India. The best thing that I read was that the Vedas were written about three thousand years ago. I also ‘learnt’ that the Vedic Aryans did yagyas and drank soma. That was all.
Now, thirty five years later, when I opened my first son’s history book who is in Ninth standard (he is 14 years old), I saw nothing about Hinduism . But it had significant chapters on new religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Another notable addition was a large chapter on new European thinkers such as Marx, Engels and so on.
Obviously, I was aghast. My revulsion is understandable. There is proof in our existent literature and the internet not to mention the new archaeological proof
1.that the Aryan Invasion Theory is a hoax created for the benefit of the British.
2. The term Aryan never meant a race but just an attribute of a people who strived to be noble.
3. The Vedas were the world’s oldest living texts, preserved by an ingenious way and presented with the brahmanas and six angas(limbs) for an error proof study for anyone who wants to study it. It predates every civilization in the world.
4. Even the modern religions inside the Hinduism such as Vaishnavism, Saivism are at least three millennia old.
5. There is emerging proof that the whole world including the Americas, Europe, Arabia and Australia and Africa were practicing Hinduism once
6. Indians were the world’s first intellectual race par excellence and have been responsible for major scientific advancements since the beginning of creation.
(please click on the highlighted texts to actually verify the proof for yourselves)

(Shiva Statue in a public fountain Bologne, Italy and misrepresented as Neptune . Courtesy www.stephen-knapp.com)


Now despite all this evidence, our history books are not updated. I think our children must grow up with a feeling of superiority of our heritage. I wonder who is in charge of fixing syllabi for Matriculation and CBSE curriculum. They all bear contorted versions of our history and bear nothing relevant to enable the child to know its own country, its people and history.
I learn from my sources that apart from the British, treacherous writing belittling India started with Jawaharlal Nehru himself who, for political reasons, advised the historians of his day not to dwell on some horrible events of the past such as the demolition of Somnath temple, Akbar’s massacre of 32,000 Rajput soldiers in a single day, the desecration of Kashi, Mathura , Ayodhya temples among lakhs of others.
The Historians sensed an opportunity and have clung to the pattern. One of the universities where such historians are most active is the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. I hear that the whole university has been hijacked by politically coloured professors who owe allegiance to Marxist ideologies.
And I am sad. We know the Marxist led propaganda that Hinduism is bad and Indian culture is bad and horrible. With the whole world turning to India for its unique culture be it in terms of Familial love, Educational virtues, piety, righteousness and spirituality, these claims of the Marxists have been defeated. But still these people are calling the shots in fixing the official history in India.
But the worst thing in all this is that NO Government at the centre barring the BJP tried to correct this menace in the 60 years after independence. It is a shame that such things are happening in a democracy. All the elected representatives of the people are overly afraid of this or that section of the people. For example, calling Akbar a murderer of the innocent might offend the muslims and so on.
This is outright cowardice.

In a recent seminar on education , a disciple of Aurobindo, Mr Michael Denino told the gathering about Aurobindo’s views on Education They are
  1. Nothing can be taught
  2. The Child must learn from the near to the far
I am interested in the second point. The child’s education must progress from his near to the far. From his village, then his town, his district, then his state, his country and this world , this universe and so on.
But what is the situation ? Afifth standard child of age 10 learns about American democracy and nothing about his own beautiful district which has many unique features. Is it not rubbish ?
Take, for example, Vedic Mathematics. When it was introduced during BJP rule, many newspapers even wrote editorials stating that it was totally rubbish. Now, just five years or so, Vedic maths created a niche for itself. A newspaper, The Hindu, which wrote so caustically on this, now voluntarily teaches it in schools. The trend is so hugely popular that, all those ‘get rich quick’ institutions which once offered abacus , now offer Vedic Maths. You will find many CD s marketed by many people in this subject alone.
Everyone knew the Indians were proficient in Mathematics, but not to this extent ! It is one area where the truth has come out. But we have to bring out the historical truths of our superiority in the fields of textile, armour, agriculture, medicine, education, astronomy, linguistics, literature, story telling( all the fairy tales are crude copies of Indian stories), science, hydraulics, geometry, navigation and many others.
Everyone in India should write to the newspapers, to the concerned schools, education departments, ministers and the union government of the disaster of this self defeating education system which is based on self degradation than truth. Most important, every parent, every elder must educate the child on what is not taught in the schools. They must be made proud of our heritage.


raj said...


Your anguish is understandable.. But, what can be done.. will those cowards, who dare to imprint the corss in the 1 rupee coins, will heed to us?

We need to have a broad vision.. Nothing can be done with this imperialist government..

But are we having any clear cut idea on how should our education be, when our government gets formed next?

Nothing.. we dont have any idea, and hence we dont implement anything even in BJP ruled states..

We should have strategic vision.. a vision that every hindu should imbibe.. the collective demand of all hindus should come in to reality..

See the marxists.. they have a definite agenda on what to be done and what to be opposed..

Do we have such one..?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sri Venkatakrishnan,

I appreciate your efforts wholeheartedly. For more information on world vedic heritage, please read PN Oaks books such as "world vedic heritage", "Taj Mahal is a temple palace" etc. Stephen Oak simply copied the picture from PN Oak's books. Oaks books are outstanding. Please google "PN Oak" and you will find many relevant information

Anonymous said...

Typo mistake in my first comment. Stephen Knapp has copied pictures from PN Oak's book; that's all. It is not his original research