Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sandhyavandanam - an overview

Om Sri Paramatmane Nama:

Sandhya Vandanam:

Our Vedas are an enormous collection of books. One cannot read them in an ordinary lifetime. But, we Sanatanis have to read them. Our Rishis made an easy , enjoyable, fruitful and powerful way of reciting some small portions of the Vedas every day together with some offerings that have been followed since time immemorial by our Sanatana family.

Most of today’s younger generation do not know our traditional language which is Sanskrit- which is pitiable. Without knowing the language, the mantras recited make no sense to them and the whole process becomes a mechanical one. There is a dearth of real teachers of these mantras who can teach them to the pupils at the time of upanayanam itself. Some Noble souls like Yoga Acharya Sundaram, Kadalangudi Brahmasri Natesa Sastigal, Sri Sri Abhinava Theertha Mahaswamigal of Sringeri Sarada Sankara Peetam have explained the intricate meanings of these mantras, the meanings of the various parts of Sandhyavandanam and most importantly , the health benefits and scientific brilliance behind these seemingly simple karmas.

This is an attempt by one who learnt the Sandhya Vandana late in his life. As a penance, I wish to present to all an easy to understand and apply document for the benefit of mankind in general and the individual in particular.

Sandhya Vandanam – who can do it ?

The Vedas declare that the three varnas of Brahmana, Kshatriya and Vysya are eligible. Today’s society has been completely overhauled by interchange of occupation that a Brahmin by birth runs an Industry, a Vysya is a teacher and a Kshatriya is a scientist. The list is endless. Since Vedic injunctions were by division of labour, now one can safely say that anyone who properly understands the Mantras and has the fire in him for the welfare of the society , can do it. This is my opinion. Almost a hundred years back, Vivekananda, put yagnyopaveetam on sixty dalit boys and declared them dwijas(twice born). I think their descendants are also called Brahmans in Bengal.

Now, I invite you all to read the fascinating Sandhya Vandahanam which is perhaps one of the best and subtlest daily routine of prayer, thanksgiving, and mantra meditation offered to mankind ever.

The articles will be in parts. The attempt is to go as deep as I could go into the inner meaning of these mantras and karmas. Meanings of every word uttered is given.

I thank Sri Krishna for this inspiration.

I urge all the fortunate who read this , to take printouts and keep them ready while doing Sandhya Vandanam. Most importantly spread the word to all you know about the necessity of such a holiest of Karmas in this degraded era of Kali.

Hare Krishna ! Jai Bharat !

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